Any ICT systems or services are always vulnerable to security threats such as the illegal circulation of sensitive personal information,  the intentional modification of a message, the impersonation like a (il)legal entity and the insertion of false data into intercepted message, notably Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) attacks, etc.
Cryptology and information security play a crucial role in constructing highly secure and reliable IT services as well as in operating secure and safe infrastructure  and country against the national-level risks over the cyber space.


Since the attacks and its defenses can be characterized by an endless brain-battle between honest and dishonest parties,  we plan to lead emerging technologies as early as possible and to take theoretical initiatives for the proactive security mechanism from the unkown risks.


Our research includes from the theory till the best practices of cryptology and information security covering (but not limited to) secret key cryptosystem, public key cryptosystem, elliptic curve cryptography, hash function, digital signature, identification and authentication,  key management system, privacy, network security, computer security, mobile network security, ad hoc network security, cyber security, DRM, software security, information assurance, DB security,  system security, RFID/USN security, ubiquitous security, smartphone security, smart grid security, cloud computing security, code obfuscation, embedded security and secure infrastructures.